Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hot when Your Cold

Dressing cozy never looked so good adding your own personalized touch with your favorite warm accessories
My Latest Obsession and Must Have- Wide Brim hat, warm big scarves:reason to be excited for the cold!!

This seasons perfect look; knits and cozy warm scarves for a sexy casual outfit

The ultimate fave accessorie, the scarf, changing it up according to your personalized style, with pattern, to bold colors, to neutral adding your own edge to your look of the day

The loose tuque and knit scarf perfect for a fall afternoon stroll

Having a little fun with your accessory adds a touch of different to your look
Fur and leather paired up with the pointy stiletto, adding sexyness to your glam outfit


  1. Great post Stefanina! Guess I'm totally looking hot right now cuz I'm on trend with my chunky knitted scarf! Lol LOVE YOUU!


  2. ooo kelsina, yes im lovingggggg it :) your sporting it quite well i might add lol. jtm
    stefina <3